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2017 – The Turret – Oor Ain Wee Place by Various

Written By: Various
Producer: Amy Angus, Lorna Campbell, Gavin Paterson,Keith Robinson,Myra Scott, Pam Tibbetts

Celebration to mark us buying our own theatre The Turret.

Mitzi Oliver, Claire Connor, Tierney McLeod, Mia Mc Kendrick, Samantha Kilpatrick, Lucy Macdonald, Rachel Kimmett, Hilary Lynas, Amy Angus, Linda Hill, Chris Dunn, Arran Summers, Mike Tibbetts, Myra Scott, Lynne McDonough, Shirley Angus, Jillian Vincent, Sheila Todd, Andrew Henderson, Duncan Conway, David Henderson, Laura Paterson, Cameron Murray, Ann Mathieson, Greer Flanagan, Pat MacCowan, Keith Robinson, Iain Findlay, Mairi Currie, Danny Toye, Alan McManus, Margaret Forbes, Robert Benison, Gavin Paterson, Elaine Martin, Bette McKenzie, Allan Cowan, Fiona Wyvar, Mary Heatherwick, Ian Atherton, Gordon Brown, Fionn Cameron Adam Cooper, Fiona Paterson

Stage manager- Gillian Monroe Tierney McLeod

Lighting and sound- Ian Atherton, Gordon Jahn, Lorna Campbell

Costume and make up- Shirley Angus, Morag McKean, Jane McIntyre, Sheila Todd

Front of house- Morag McKean, Mary Heatherwick, Shirley Angus, Marion Brown, David Mitchell, Adam Cooper

Set builders- David McLuckie, Iain Carmichael, Graeme Carmichael, Ross Harrison, Stuart Ross, Harry Critchlow, Chris, Rachel Kimmett, Grant Cameron