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The Steamie

Pat MacCowan and Bette McKenzie are in charge of this production and have a great cast who are working hard in rehearsals.   The rehearsals are taking place in The Park Centre until Turret is useable. Cast as follows:-Andy: Chris Dunn, Doreen: Karen Cowie, Mrs Culfeathers;-Jillian Vincent, Dolly:- Hilary Lynas, Magrit:- Julie Cassells.   Mary Heatherwick, Jean … Read more

Building Works

The Builders have completed the work on the roof!  Internal steel beams are in place in Workshop and amazing LED lights there will make life so much better for our stage crew. The door in the close which gave the tenants access to our roof has been bricked up.  All building warrants were eventually granted.  … Read more

The Show Must Go On

Work is underway to bring you an exciting show of snippets from some of your favourite plays and a brand new offering too.  Keep checking your e-mails for further details.

Project Panto

We’ve been absolutely delighted with the response to “A Very KP Christmas” and we’re now excited to move on to our next project! January would normally be a time filled with panto preparations so we’ve decided to try to bring a little bit of Pantoland  to everyone during these dark times. We have a variety … Read more


You will shortly be receiving the link to the Podcast “Wish Ye Wur Here” Hope you enjoy listening to it.

We had problems

We had some problems with the website but things are back to normal now thanks to our amazing website wizard.  Thank you Mr Gall. We will work to get new info posted in due course.  Meanwhile keep safe.


There will be a Quiz via Zoom on Friday 15th May at 8pm.  All Members and Patron Members are welcome to take participate.  Please e-mail Sheila if you wish to take part.


We are unable to proceed with our AGM due to current restrictions.  As an interim measure  Kenneth Stewart has stepped up to the role of President and the post of  Vice-president has been left vacant at present.  The rest of the committee will remain in post until we are able to hold our AGM.


CAST LIST Rene Artios – Chris Dunn, Edith Artois – Hilary Lynas,  Yvette Carte Blanche – Elaine Martin,  Michelle Dubois – Mary Heatherwick,  Mimi Labonq – Emma Wilson,  Col. Kurt Von Strohm  – Allan Cowan,  Pte Helga Greerhart – Lynne McDonough,  Cpt Alberto Bertorelli – Calum Keith, Otto Flick -Robert Benison,  Officer Crabtree- Adam Cooper,  … Read more

The 3 Plays

Reading Night on Monday 3rd February Plays under consideration-: Cat’s Cradle ‘Allo, ‘Allo The Shop at Sly Corner