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Past Productions

March 2020- March 2022 :Break in productions -Covid pandemic

2022 The Steamie by Tony Roper

2020: Sleeping Beauty by Roy McGregor

2019: Plaza Suite by Neil Simon ( prod Myra Scott)

2019: Scarfed for Life by Martin Travers (prod: Hilary Lynas)

2019: Legally Blonde (prod: Julie Cassells)

2019:The Happy Journey to Trenton and Camden by Thornton Wilder (1Act) (prod: Alan Cowan)

2019: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead by Tom Stoppard ( prod : Robert Benison)

2019: Aladdin by Roy McGregor (prod: Peter Cassells)

2018: Murder on the Nile by Agatha Christie (prod: Ian Atherton)

2018: The 39 Steps by Patrick Barlow (prod. Lorna Campbell)

2018: Cinderella by Gavin Paterson and Amy Angus (prod. Gavin Paterson and Amy Angus)

2018: Chatroom by Enda Walsh (prod. Hilary Lynas)

2018: Bugsy Malone (prod. Julie Cassells)

2017: A Murder Has Been Arranged by Emlyn Wiiliams (prod. Ian Atherton)

2017: The Wall by D.C. Jackson (prod. Hilary Lynas)

2017 – The Turret – Oor Ain Wee Place by Various

2017: Mother Goose (prod. Lorna Campbell)

2016: The Lonely Road To Freedom by Anne Marie Connor, Lewis Baird, Jade McDonald, Arran Summers and Sian Povey (prod. Lorna Campbell)

2016: The Amorous Ambassador by Michael Parker (prod. Iain Findlay)

2016: Grease by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey (prod. Hilary Lynas, Amy Angus, AnneMarie Connor)

2016: Abigail’s Party by Mike Leigh (prod. Robert Benison)

2016: Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs by Rod MacCowan (prod. Peter Cassells and Gavin Paterson)

2016: MOT by Mike Tibbetts (prod. Gavin Paterson)

2015: Three Men One War by The Company (prod. Lorna Campbell)

2015: Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me by Frank McGuinness (prod. Myra Scott)

2015: Scottish Final – Her Slightest Touch by Torben Betts (prod. Gavin Paterson)

2015: British Final – Her Slightest Touch by Torben Betts (prod. Gavin Paterson)

2015: Her Slightest Touch by Torben Betts (prod. Gavin Paterson)

2015: Blithe Spirit

2015: Annie Jnr by Thomas Meehan (prod. Hilary Lynas)

2015: Jack and the Beanstalk by Amy Angus and Gavin Paterson (prod. Gavin and Keith Robinson)

2014: Teechers (abridged) by John Godber (prod. Lorna Campbell)

2014: The Fairmer Wants a Wife by Alan Cochrane (prod. Gavin Paterson)

2014: Parking Lot in Pittsburgh by Anne Downie (prod. Lorna Campbell)

2014: Getting to Know the Sound of Music by Rodgers and Hammerstein (prod. Fiona Wyvar)

2014: Aladdin by Ben Crocker (prod. Ian Atherton)

2014: 90th Anniversary- Luvvies Lunches

2014: 90th Anniversary- CycleWalk

2014: #Single by Keith Robinson and Amy Angus (prod. Keith Robinson)

2013: Wizard of Oz (prod. Lynne McDonough)

2013: Three Quarter Moon by Bryan Darby (prod. Ian Atherton)

2013: The Yellow on the Broom by Anne Downie (prod. Lorna Campbell)

2013: Sleeping Beauty by Neal MacCowan (prod. Neal MacCowan and Fiona Wyvar)

2013: And The Women Drank Tea by The Cast (prod. Lorna Campbell)

2013: 90th Anniversary – Cakes, Cava and Conversation

2013: 90th Anniversary – Auld Kirk Exhibition

2012 – When Did You Last See Your Trousers? (prod. G Paterson)

2012: Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw (prod. Myra Scott)

2012 – Paras Over the Barras by James Barclay (prod. Myra Scott)

2012: Beauty & The Beast, Broadway Jr (prod. Julie Cassells)

2012: Babes in the Wood (prod. Peter Cassells)

2011: The Terrible Fate of Humpty Dumpty (prod. L Campbell and I Carmichael)

2011: Prepare to Meet Thy Tomb by Norman Robbins (prod. Ian Atherton)

2011: Kirkintilloch 800 (prod. Myra Scott)

2011: Don’t Dress for Dinner by Marc Camoletti adapted by Robin Hawdon (prod. L Campbell)

2011: Dick Barton (prod. Keith Robinson)

2011: Cinderella by G Paterson (prod. K Robinson)

2011: Ashes to Ashes by Harold Pinter (prod. Myra Scott)

2010: Tick Tock by Amy Angus (prod. A Angus and L Campbell)

2010: Rocky Monster Show by Michael Sircom (prod. H. Lynas and L Campbell)

2010: Memory of Water by Shelagh Stephenson (prod. R. Robinson)

2010: Kids (prod. R Robinson)

2010: Cinderella Rockerfella

2009: Sunset Song by Alasair Cording (prod. L Campbell)

2009: Paras Over the Barras by James Barclay (prod. M Scott)

2009: Mother Goose

2009: Knightsbridge

2009: Dicken’s Children by N.J. Warburton (prod. L Campbell and K Stewart)

2009: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

2008: Teechers by John Godber (prod. L Campbell)

2008: Snow White

2008: Rebecca (prod. R Robinson)

2008: Mmmbeth

2008: Lysistrata

2008: An Inspector Calls

2007: Tre Amici

2007: The Storymaker

2007: The Art of Coarse Acting

2007: Tell Me Why

2007: Pied Piper

2007: Hidden Meanings

2006 – The Bear

2006: Sweeney Todd

2006: Steel Magnolias (prod. Myra Scott)

2006: Shakers – Restirred by John Godber (prod. R Robinson)

2006: Shakers (prod. R Robinson)

2006: Peter Pan

2006: It Will Be A Lovely Day Tomorrow by The Cast (prod. L Campbell and S Angus)

2006: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie (prod. Elsa Currie)

2005: The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (prod. Myra Scott)

2005: Gosforths Fete

2005: Beauty and The Beast

2005: Aladdin

2005: The Tales of the RATTY by Mike Tibbetts (prod. Lorna Campbell)

2004: The Witching Hour

2004: Men Should Weep by Ena Lamont Stewart (prod. E Currie)

2004: Deck Chairs

2004: Bold Girls (prod. Myra Scott)

2003: Treasure Island

2003: Singing in the Wilderness (prod. Lorna Campbell, Shirley Angus)

2003: London Suite by Neil Simon (prod. E Currie and S Todd)

2003: Going Home

2003: Cagebirds (prod. Lorna Campbell, Hilary Lynas and Robert Softley)

2003: Bugsy Malone (prod. Julie Logan)

2002: The Sound Of Music (prod. Julie Logan)

2002: The Black Ring

2002: Going Home

2002: Gaslight (prod. Myra Scott)

2002: Funny Money

2002: At the Changing of the Year (prod. Lorna Campbell)

2001: The Steamie (prod. Elsa Currie)

2001: The Black Ring

2001: Oliver (prod. Julie Logan)

2001: Lunch Hour

2001: Jack and the Beanstalk

2001: 84 Charing Cross Road (prod. Rosina Robinson)

2000: The Storymaker (prod. Hilary Lynas)

2000: The Ghost Train

2000: Marble Arch

2000: Dust of the Street by Harry Glass (prod. Lorna Campbell)

2000: Babes In The Wood

1999: The Odd Couple

1999: Tales of the RATTY by Mike Tibbetts (prod. Hilary Lynas and Rona Currie)

1999: Othello (adapted by Mike Tibbetts)

1999: Mother Goose

1999: A Murder Is Announced

1998: The Diary of Anne Frank (prod. Pam Tibbetts)

1998: Little Bro Morning, Big Sis Afternoon by Mike Tibbetts (prod. Pam Tibbetts)

1998: Calamity Jane

1998: Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves